Studio Sixty1 | 1970 Dodge Challenger Info

1970 Dodge Challenger for sale!


Car is SOLD as of 16 February 2015


Please read everything, most of your questions will probably be answered.


This car is currently located in the state of Ohio.


VIN JS27N0B119682

R/T Convertible with 383 Magnum and four speed transmission, 3.23 sure-grip rear end

This is a complete numbers matching car (engine/trans/body/title)  that has been indoors for about thirty years.  It is complete, but not currently driveable and will need a full restoration.  It has a clean title, build sheet, and a documentation breakdown from Galen Govier.

This car will come with parts and spares including, but not limited to:



1X 1957 Dual Four Intake for B Engine
1X 1966 383 Engine
1X 1968 440 Engine
1X 1969 383 Engine
1X Donor set of doors
1X Donor set of fenders
1X E Body 8 3/4 Rear End with 3.55 Sure-Grip
1X Extra Dash - Skeleton/Cap/Rally Gauge Cluster
1X Extra Fuel Tank
1X Extra set of bumpers
1X Set of Four14 inch Magnum Wheels
2X Big Block K Frames
2X Extra Consoles
3X Big Block 727 Transmissions
4X Driveshafts, one with less than 100 miles
ACC Carpet Black - NIB
ACC Carpet Medium Blue - NIB
Entire interior from an SE including rear window and side glass
Fine Lines SS brake line kit
NOS Deck Lid Molding
NOS Hood Molding
NOS Sill Plates
Repro Deck Lid
Repro Front Floor Pan set
Repro Inner Fender Set
Repro Quarter Panel Extension Set
Repro Window Rubbers

Short of a body shell, there is just about enough here to actually build a second E Body car.

Some historical perspective: According to the records I have found, total production of R/T convertibles for the 1970 model year is 1070.  Total 383 equipped four speed cars is only 149.  This one is B7 blue, which is a fairly rare color, as most blue cars were B5 blue. The previous owner taped over the factory stripes with white for some reason. The original blue V6B stripes are still there, though.

I spoke to a certain person who does a lot of these (a TV show that ends in Z) and he agreed that the value should be right around $20,000 with the options and features it has. If you're serious about purchasing this baby, contact me via the contact page.  Click here.


This car does not have a fender tag. However . . . here's a breakdown of everything on the broadcast sheet:



Something dinged it in the right quarter, long before I bought it.


These were blasted and primed and are in pretty great shape.


Not sure if this is the original top. I have not replaced it.


An extra K Frame or two.


Front floor sections.


Inner fenders with cage nuts.


Spare dash cap from a donor car. This is in fantastic condition.


NEW black carpet from a donor project.


UNOPENED plug and seal kit.


UNOPENED front marker lights.


NEW, UNOPENED trim parts.


UNUSED March billet pulley set.


NEW, UNOPENED sill plates and window "rubbers". The Hood and deck lid moldings are unopened NOS.


UNUSED Fine Lines stainless steel brake line kit is also pictured.


UNUSED Medium Blue Carpet kit.



Driver side.


Underside condition. Bear in mind this car is 45 years old. You have seen worse on MUCH newer cars.


This is the most structural damage I could find on the car. This is the trans crossmember where it meets the passenger side rocker panel. The owner before me was from Martinsville, Indiana.



More images for the large volume of spares: